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Is Your Payphone New One Pound Coin Ready

Are your payphones ready for the new £1?

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Are your payphones ready for the new £1?

If you are an organisation or business that utilises payphones then you simply can’t ignore the arrival of the new ‘super secure’ £1 coin.

With the old one pound coin having its legal tender status removed by Autumn 2017 the countdown is on to update or replace your existing payphones. Payphones not yet updated may swallow the new coins without giving any call time or simply reject the coin and return it.

Which payphones will accept the new £1?

The adaptable coin acceptance mechanisms in our Solitaire Payphone range (Solitaire 2000, 6000 / 6000HS) makes them an ideal choice, upgrade or replacement. With a sophisticated set of induction coils to evaluate metallic content of coins, our Solitaire payphones are pre-programmed to accept the new 12-sided £1 coin upon purchase.

View our range of Solitaire Payphones ready to accept the new 12-sided £1 coin:

Solitaire Payphones

  • Solitaire 2000

    Solitaire 2000


      The ultimate in payphone simplicity and ideal for providing call charge cost control. It comes ready programmed, doesn’t need batteries and can literally be plugged straight into a line and used. Learn More…

  • Solitaire 6000

    Solitaire 6000


      Offering greater flexibility in programming and coin refund/reject, the Solitaire 6000 allows charge rates to be adjusted to allow the owner to either just cover call costs or fully maximise payphone revenue. Learn More…

  • Solitaire 6000HS

    Solitaire 6000HS


      A more secure and hardy payphone in a strong steel enclosure, this high security version has a much greater 1200 coin cashbox capacity, useful for very busy sites, and a fully armoured handset cable. Learn More…

  • Solitaire 6000 HS Wi-Fi

    Solitaire 6000 HS WiFi


      With all the features of the Solitaire 6000HS with the additional ability to host a Hotspot which allows local access in the vicinity of the payphone for connection to the internet using smartphones, laptops and tablets. Learn More…

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