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Power of Conversation

Power of Conversation

Discover the Power of Wireless Conversation with Rocom and Jabra.

Why go wireless?

The Freedom to Perform on every call

Increase productivity by moving to wireless Jabra professional wireless headsets give your team the freedom to perform. Free from wires. Free from desks. Free to resolve calls faster, first time.

Busy professionals who talk to customers for a living need a high performance, flexible headset solution to deliver valuable customer conversations - wherever they happen to be.

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* Jabra Call Centric Study, 2015
** Jabra YouGov Study 2012

Jabra is a leader in sound technology – in fact, we launched the first wireless headset. Our engineers create and test world-leading sound solutions from our accredited sound lab in Denmark.

What can wireless headsets do for you?

Benefits of going wireless

Going wireless can result in increased productivity for your organization and higher customer satisfaction, as calls are resolved more efficiently. Your employees will also appreciate not being tethered to their desks and having a more flexible headset solution.

"89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after they experienced poor customer service."
Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive /RightNow

Potential Benefits

To Your Organisation:

  • Shorter call handling time
  • Ability to take more calls
  • Increased first call resolution
  • Increased employee engagement

To Your Customer:

  • Issues can be resolved faster
  • Less need for transfers or call backs
  • Increased customer satisfaction

The Jabra Wireless Range

The Jabra Pro 9400 Series

A premium professional wireless headset with world class sound that works with all your phones

  • Take calls from multiple phones directly on the headset
  • Protect calls with Jabra patented pairing and DECT Security certification
  • Premium sound with up to 150 meters range and 10+ hours’ battery life

The Jabra Pro 900 Series

An easy-to-use, professional wireless headset with world class sound

  • Take calls from the deskphone directly on the headset
  • Clear sounding calls with noise cancelling microphone and HD voice
  • Up to 120 meters range and 8+ hours’ battery life

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