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Talking Two-Way

Talking Two-Way

Did you know we have significantly expanded our two-way radio range and supply both licensed and unlicensed solutions from some of the industry’s biggest names?

Hytera, Icom and Motorola are some of the high powered technologies available alongside Storno, a famous two-way radio name from the past which has been added to our growing portfolio.

"Two-way radios are the perfect solution for a host of sites as they combine market leading performance with supreme reliability. Many devices are fitted with the latest lithium ion battery technology and benefit from easy out of the box performance", says Rocom’s Senior Corporate Sales Manager, Lee Preston.

He added: "We supply licenced and licence free equipment with both Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) devices available. We work with major brands such as Hytera, Icom and Motorola as well as Storno. There are many sites taking advantage of the technology which enables organisations to meet their Health and Safety responsibilities by providing secure communications to staff whether working in a noisy manufacturing plant or working remotely on site."

Lee concluded: "Two-way radio has always been an important element of our business based on our passion and keen interest in this sector. We’ve sold solutions from day one and are now able to offer customers access to more powerful licenced equipment that can communicate over much longer distances. They are set to prove even more popular this year."

What are the benefits of 2 way radio?

  • Long distance high performance over large areas
  • Cost free communication (after initial investment)
  • Robust and reliable independent technology – no mobile network required
  • Easy set-up
  • Seamless integration with standard telephone systems available
  • Infinite numbers of handsets can be used
  • Communicate ‘one to many’ not just ‘one to one’




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