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Geemarc Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone

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Geemarc Amplipower 40 Amplified Telephone * For illustration purposes only


This Geemarc Amplipower 40 is the next generation up from the previous CL200 . The main advantage is improved clarity of the sound, achieved through a completely new inner circuitry preventing any howling when the boost button is pressed and also no more drop in the outgoing volume when the boost button is pressed. It has Flash memory, better volume and tone buttons with improved grip and black keys for better contrast. Its level of amplification is greatly increased and the hands free speakerphone facility is a useful, popular feature. The Geemarc Amplipower 40 is hearing aid compatible and is designed to help those with a high frequency hearing loss. Incoming speech can be amplified by up to 40dB. The Geemarc Amplipower 40 has a tone control, which is useful to better match individuals hearing loss. Other features on the Geemarc Amplipower 40 phone include outgoing speech volume control, adjustable ringer level and tone and a visual ringer indicator. The Amplipower 40 has a brighter strobe, a louder ring and the added features of an optional bed vibrator and there is also an optional Direct Vibe handset that converts the sound to vibrations, these vibrations are then transmitted to the bones above the ear, aiding the caller in hearing the conversation better. It also has a monitor speaker to allow 'on hook' dialing, a useful facility for those with limited dexterity, and the handset need not be picked up until the call is answered. It is a corded telephone with a large button keypad and many useful features including the ability to amplify incoming speech. It produces a loop signal which makes it suitable for use by people who wish to use their hearing aid switched to the "T" setting.

Additional Information

  • Receiving volume gain up to 40dB!
  • Receiving tone gain +/-10dB
  • Big button keypad
  • 3 Emergency memories
  • 9 Direct memories
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Handsfree dialing
  • Speaker volume control
  • Extra bright visual ringer indicator (strobe)
  • Headset output
  • Shaker output
  • Adjustable ringer level & tone
  • Last number redial
  • Time break recall & mute
  • Wall mountable
  • Compatible with most hearing aids

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