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Alberts Schloss install thermal imaging as iconic venue plans for re-opening

Posted on June 1, 2020

Manchester’s Alberts Schloss has installed a thermal imaging camera as part of a comprehensive safety plan drawn up in preparation for the popular bar and restaurant’s reopening.

The iconic venue’s operator Mission Mars believes the technology will be crucial in giving confidence to both customers and staff once the government gives the green light to re-open.

The camera has been installed at the entrance to the iconic venue by Bury-headquartered technology solutions specialist Avoira.

The artificial intelligence powered technology will automatically scan the foreheads of those wanting to enter and within a second identify anyone carrying a raised body temperature. The venue’s reception staff will be immediately notified by an audio alert and a monitor sited above the bar’s welcome desk.

“Whilst checking in, guests will have their temperature measured by the camera,” explains Mission Mars’ director Neil McLeod. “If they have an abnormal reading our staff will then discreetly ask them if there may be any reason for it. They may have rushed to meet someone, in which case we would give them five minutes then re-test them.”

Anyone with an unexplained raised body temperature will be politely denied entry and advised to seek medical advice.

Mr McLeod believes Alberts Schloss is the first of the city’s bars and restaurants to deploy thermal imaging as part of its Covid-19 protocols. “I’m not aware of anyone else doing it at this stage,” he says. This is despite former health secretary Jeremy Hunt last month joining those calling for temperature checks in restaurants and offices.

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