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Across the nation, people are looking more and more at ways of being able to concentrate better at work.

With the technology improvements in communications across the last 15 years – we can now be contacted across multiple devices and in many formats – instant message, email, landline, mobile telephone and voicemail – to name a few.

We’re now contactable across more channels than we have ever been and can easily be distracted from the task we are working on – by receiving an email, being messaged by a colleague on an instant message, or simply hearing conversations through the office.

This heightened noise across technology platforms means we are constantly looking for new things to help us concentrate better and be more productive.

Consider the use of headsets in this context – typically we would view a headset as a way of helping us connect with colleagues, place calls, join conference calls or Skype for Business meetings. But many people are now using headsets to enable them to be more productive.

Take the latest innovation from Plantronics – the Voyager 8200 is built around helping you concentrate at work. Manufacturers such as Plantronics are now building Unified Communications devices to not only allow us to connect with colleagues and communicate in a much more effective way – but also help us be more productive in our working day. Devices such as the Voyager 8200 UC allow us to customise our workday, to what works best for us, whether that be listening to music, a podcast or joining a conference call.

As the largest UK headset supplier, we specialise in offering guidance to businesses across the country around how headsets can help their employees better connect and be more productive. Working together with you, we can help you find the tools that help you be more productive.

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