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JPL Sustainability

JPL Sustainability

The first and only sustainable headset family

JPL Element Headsets

JPL introduced the AERO in 2015 which was their first modular headset with removable microphone boom arm and interchangeable headbands that allowed the user to switch from a monaural to a binaural headband with one simple click. The concept was developed further in 2018 when JPL created the JPL-Element-X500 as the first sustainable wireless DECT headset that offers the same modular features as the AERO but with added modular options with USB and Bluetooth cartridges that allows interoperability with most softphone providers and call freedom with mobile device compatibility.

The latest addition to the family is the JPL-Element-BT500, the first sustainable wireless Bluetooth headset. This is an office first Bluetooth headset with the capability to connect to Desk Phones, Smartphones, Tablets and PC’s and is the third product in the JPL-Element line up.

Three headsets that work for everybody

Smart Simplicity

Strategic partners and end-users have been requesting a more simplified headset portfolio for some time. However, the industry has kept this focus on building an extensive portfolio with complex employee profiling models. JPL is the first headset producer with a long history of thinking and brings the first simplified headset family that can be adapted to any users needs.


If its Bluetooth 5.0, next USB standard, SIP or new software features, a JPL customer can always upgrade the JPL-Element series to the latest technology or wearing style which increases the lifetime of the product and reduces cost, thereby adding value to any company’s sustainability strategy.

It is JPL’s mission to revolutionise the headset industry to make an industry-first sustainable range of headsets. Our focus is to create a sustainable headset which if an ‘element’ was to break, the customer would not have to buy a whole new headset, just replace the part that has broken.

Minimise wastage and reduce overall technology spend, at the same time as doing great things for your carbon footprint.

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