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Asset Management

Plantronics Manager Pro provides enterprises total control and flexibility over their Plantronics audio headsets and devices.

Plantronics Manager Pro is a web-based service that gives IT Managers easy-to-use tools to configure
settings and update audio device software and firmware for end-users across the enterprise. Plantronics
Manager Pro leverages a cloud-based architecture and offers reporting tools that provide new insights into
your communications environment.

The perfect addition to your existing Plantronics headset estate.

Take advantage of…

Seamless rollouts and easy adoption
Combined with Plantronics Hub, Plantronics Manager Pro allows IT managers to configure devices to be truly plug-and-play, so users can start using their new headsets more easily. Plantronics Manager Pro also creates reports around where and how headsets are being used, letting IT reach out to users who need additional training or assistance.

Streamline settings and updates
Policy-based management ensures that the user experience with each audio device is exactly within the parameters set by IT. The easy-to-understand dashboard makes it simple to manage device settings, firmware versions, and regulatory compliance based on company policy.

Regulations and compliance

Plantronics Manager Pro allows the IT team to monitor acoustic protection features, set daily noise exposure levels, and lock those settings in all headsets, ensuring regulatory compliance across the organisation.

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