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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Offering impressive scalability and flexibility, without the financial burden of physical IT infrastructures, cloud computer services deliver the sharpest of competitive edges.

With anytime-anywhere capabilities they can boost productivity whilst cutting operational costs and environmental footprints.

No wonder then, that the smartest business heads are increasingly found in the cloud.

Cloud storage

Pennine’s VaultPro offers a highly secure, infinitely flexible end-to-end private cloud solution to serve businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re looking to convert your on-premise IT to the cloud, begin the cloud transition with a best-of-both hybrid solution or simply host your data and applications, our cloud solution is flexible to meet your needs.

Highly secure and easy to use, the VaultPro cloud platform has been specifically designed to remove any unnecessary IT costs from your business without compromising on quality, service, flexibility or accessibility. With 24/7 support and maintenance, VaultPro effectively becomes your centralised IT department.

Virtual servers

A virtual server can help enhance the responsiveness, resilience and productivity of your business – whilst simultaneously cutting operational and capital costs.

Free from physical constraints, they can be expanded on demand, support virtual operating systems and deliver robust disaster recovery solutions.

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