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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Harnessing Microsoft Office 365 to the cloud unleashes the full might of this powerful suite of enterprise grade document, communication, collaboration and analytical tools.


Message, mail, meet and share anywhere, with anyone, courtesy of Skype for Business and Microsoft Exchange. Call, conference (with up to 250 people) and collaborate through popular apps like Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.


Empower teamworking by embracing Microsoft’s powerful collaboration tools. These include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
    Secure file storage, sharing and collaboration, at a touch.

  • Microsoft OneDrive
    Access files, share documents and work together from anywhere, on any device.

  • Microsoft Teams
    Encrypted group chat with anywhere-anytime viewing of history and content.

  • Microsoft Planner
    Organise, manage, assign and monitor tasks for more efficient teamworking.

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Microsoft’s acclaimed productivity suite offers even greater power through the cloud. Work, share and collaborate without constraint anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The suite includes:

  • Microsoft Word
    Class leading document and word processing software.

  • Microsoft Excel
    For superlative spreadsheets.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    Presentations with graphic power.

  • Microsoft OneNote
    Type, write or draw those vital business notes.

  • Microsoft Video
    Share, find, discover and view your video communications.

  • Microsoft Sway
    Create and share impactive interactive presentations, online.


Use Microsoft’s formidable analytical tools to retrieve, present, interpret and apply data to promote productivity, service excellence and customer engagement.

  • Microsoft PowerBI
    Visualise, analyse and share your insights.

  • Microsoft Dynamics
    Finesse your customer insights, sales, marketing, finance and operational processes.

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