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Refurbed Handsets


Remanufactured Handsets are now available at Rocom

If you are thinking of expanding  your handset fleet, choosing to invest in remanufactured in place of buying new could save you thousands of ££££.

Rocom's remanufactured handsets are only offered for re-sale when

  • All features have been fully tested to ensure compliance with technical requirements
  • Line cords, curly cords and ancillary components have been replaced
  • Quality control have issued a replacement 12 month warranty on the unit

You can expect a well maintained PBX system to last your business for many years, but your desktop handsets, when used day in and day out, are likely to reach their end of life well before you are ready to replace the PBX. If the compatible handsets for that PBX are made obsolete by the manufacturer then it makes sense to source remanufactured handsets in order to extend the life of your equipment.

We can also supply you with a range of other value added services,  all designed to make your hardware work harder for you. Before you throw away your old headsets or handsets, talk to us, we may be able to offer you a buyback or trade in deal. Find out more about  Rocom Services.

We have a wide range of remanufactured units available to ship next day, please call 01937 847 777  for more details of the range.

This is a selections of some of our more popular models.


The award winning Nortel 1140E handset with Gigabit Ethernet and integrated USB and Bluetooth connectivity supports web-centric applications on its high resolution display. Its the perfect choice for a professional office environment.



The 7945G demonstrates advances in VoIP technology including wide band audio, a backlit colour display and an integrated Gigabit Ethernet port.



Smart, sleek, stylish and functional the Avaya 9650 is specially designed for someone who uses the phone all day. It supports high definition audio in both the handset and speakerphone and has an integrated WML application with one touch access to Avaya Communications Manager.



A further consideration is the reduction of environmental waste, the WEEE directive requires the collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of waste electrical equipment which includes telecoms. Under the WEEE directive it is no longer possible to simply throw old equipment away it must be disposed of in compliance with the directive. At Rocom we actively seek to refurbish and remanufacturer equipment where ever possible in compliance with the WEEE directive saving you both time and money.


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