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Can Voice Analytics Stem the Customer-Satisfaction Skid?

Big data, in the form of speech analytics is revolutionising the way customer service is delivered. Can it impact customer satisfaction levels as well? I’ll admit it. As predictions go, mine wasn’t as bold as the ones that foresaw flying cars, the end of the world or even that spam (the digital variety) would soon be eradicated...

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With Latest Upgrade, Joining the Team Makes More Sense than Ever!

If you currently collaborate using Microsoft Teams, or are thinking of adopting Teams- you can now control your Microsoft Teams experience directly from your Jabra audio devices. The pace of change in the online collaboration space has gone from super-fast to downright dizzying. At least that’s the conclusion I’m drawing from Microsoft’s...

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Four Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sound

Sound travels at 1,230 km (767 miles) per hour – beyond that magic happens. Read on to discover some fantastic facts about the power of sound. Sound has immense power. It can inspire, enlighten, heal – even help us get more done on the job. At Jabra, we’re fascinated by the power of sound, no matter what form it...

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