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Refresh & Refurb


We can help you make the most of your equipment that’s no longer in use, with our range of services designed to optimise the value of your IT hardware.

3 simple steps

Our 3 simple steps approach means it’s really quick and easy for you to get more value out of your equipment.


Give us a call to let us know the equipment you’d like to release equity from


We process your equipment


Your redundant equipment becomes equity for you

Rocom Services

Trade in or Buyback

Unlock the equity in your equipment - before you consider throwing away your old handsets call us to find out how much you could make by trading in.

Call us to see how much money you could release. You can choose to, either, trade in your assets for a credit note which can be offset against new purchases, or, agree a cash amount instead.

Handset Refurbishment

If your budget does not stretch to purchasing a new handset, before you consider simply buying a refurbished model, why not, let us look at your existing stock?

Using your existing assets would represent a huge cost saving, which you could use to off-set against other project costs.

Headset Refresh with Rocom Services

Designed to prolong the life of your equipment, with our refresh programme your headsets are cleaned, and ear cushions are replaced.

Your products are tested and repackaged to provide a professional finish. If your products are found to be faulty within the warranty period they are replaced. Faulty headsets outside of warranty period are disposed of in compliance with the W.E.E.E directive.

W.E.E.E Disposal of headsets and handsets with Rocom Services

For a small fee we can dispose of your unwanted handsets and headsets, simply package up your products and we will collect and dispose of them for you.

All our disposal services are comply fully with the W.E.E.E Directive.


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